VW Vanagon Camper Restoration (3/4), end of retrofit and new parts installation#Vlog 8 EVWT

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Last part of the mechanical restoration, where I put back together all suspension and transmission, with a big retrofit on parts, before turning this van to electric.

Websites I used to buy parts :


Michael Swanson says:

I've been restoring a 91 caravelle I imported from the UK for 6 months now. Only stumbled upon your video series a few days ago and I have enjoyed watching all your videos! Good luck with your project!

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Stu Wemhoener says:

Very nice work. This is the way we all wish we could do our VW Vanagons. Cheers!

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TheGorignak says:

Will you add solar panels to the roof for charging while in the wild?

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Blerim Shakiri says:

you have no idea how exited i am for the next video yeeeeeeeeee

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Van-Again says:

When you get the chance take a look at the LED headlights that we sell. They would work great on your van.

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Gonzalo Solaz says:

Vives en Valencia?

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