VW T5 Camper Project – Installation of interior units

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On Wed, 15th March 2017 I took the 430 mile round trip to have new interior units installed by Northern Rose Campervan Conversions in South Milford, Leeds – Here is a video of the adventure!

More info on Northern Rose Campervan Conversions via their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/northernrosecampervanconversions

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DJI Phantom 4 Drone Footage says:

Just been watching your You Tube stuff. Am doing a similar project on my vivaro… Do you have the phone number for NRC? cheers keep up the good work.

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I'M ALIAS says:

Made me laugh watching this, been chatting to Kevin for the last couple of months and was due to book my units to be made. When I first saw the price I was the same, but chatting to him reassured me. He's a top bloke! Glad to actually see the units in a video. I'll sub thanks

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Heating69 Looloo69 says:

Hi mate how much were the units excluding installation

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cj cj.millar72@gmail.com says:

hi where did u get ur fridge from ?

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Jake Reeves says:

Hello, heard your from kent in this video. would you work on other vans? thanks in advance following the videos.

been help full so far.

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Ian Scholes says:

Looks great mate. Worth the trip.

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Wolfburg T5 says:

Mmmmmm pop top and new front end……on my to do list also,nice units mate these campers are money pits lololol

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Garry Andrews says:

They look awesome mate! Bet you are very happy! 👍😁

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Motion Pictures says:

Looks good…..:-) Greetings from Berlin

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Aaron Webber says:

Think a t5.1 front end is needed, good video in that i think

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