VW R32 vs Ford Mustang GT

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Drag race 1/8 mile Homestead Speedway Fast Lane Fridays


Mike says:

I love how salty these rednecks are getting because a VW easily beat their dream car

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J Mullner says:

What wheels do you have? 19's? Looks great with the blue

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CrazyGamingLoL says:

yo juan this is steven the twin with the mustang dude i couldnt belive my eyes when i saw you on youtube lol yo nice race

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Gena F says:

My son in England had the R32, beautiful car. Sadly he sold it for a vw camper lol! I bet that mustang used a lot more fuel than you! Good one!! 👍🏼

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Daniel Ochoa says:

nice run not bad shifting wait till you get a um tune car wakes up even more I've for a um tune hpa dsg tune n a hpa haldex controller I recommend getting the um triple tune n spark cut n you should go to wookies in the woods next year join the fb club look up Midwest r

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Kapitän Toretto says:

Good Job?? Haha DSG Automatic Pussy…

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Lazaro Carreiro says:

Any mods? Nice job

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