VW P0455 P2231 P0172 codes repair

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P0172-System too rich (bank1)
P2231- 02 sensor issue
P0455- Evap. system leak.
In this video I show the location of the O2 sensor and the purge valve. These are the most common issues when these code show up on your car.
I made this video in an attempt to further assist people with like issues. I learn as I go in the mechanic field and thought I would attempt to help other DIY people in the process. Hope you enjoy and comment with any questions or issues.


A Thomas says:

The code P2231, What part of the downstream is it located? Thanks

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Will says:

thanks ! this helped

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Angelica O'Dell says:

Hello, I have a VW Passat 08 and the code P0172 came up, exactly what sensor did you change out for this code?? Was it the 02 sensor? Thanks!

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Melissa Green says:

Thanks for the video! I have a 2006 Jetta and I'm looking to buy my own O2 sensor so I don't get charged an arm and a leg. Do you have any recommendations? When I Google, I get a lot of results, but I'm not sure which one will work for my car. I got the same P2231 code when I took my car to Advanced Auto Parts.

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stanley uche says:

how much was ur sensor , i have the same p2231 code on my 2005 vw jetta

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Najadahe Davila says:

Hey bro!!! I have a Smart Car for two 2008 and i did replace the two Oxigen sensors but still saying that is running too rich and I don't know where else to look. If you have any Ideas or tips please share them because the dealer is too expensive to repair thease kind a cars.
Thank you

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