VW mk1 rabbit ( Project Ferrabbit ) first start up.

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mk1 rabbit first start with1.8 8v 4 barrel carburetor g grind cam performance header 10:1 compression pistons


RobCars says:

en cuanto te salio la captación de ese carburador al múltiple ?

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Luis Felipe Morales Delgado says:

que bonito ronca!!

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Balta Chavez says:

donde conprastes el filtro q ba en la tapa de las punterias o cono lo pido

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SquillyMon says:

What a Silly silly build…  LOL  Nicely done however, I just dont see the point of a Huge 4BBl on this engine when fuel injection is clearly superior.  This engine only needs about half of that carb running Flat Out. First thing I thought when I saw this? This must be in PR or Mexico…they love them some V-Dubs

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Reynaldo Malfavon says:

Wow amazing

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Yeyoman Nomolestar says:

ES un edelbrook? de 4 gargantas?? wooo superpotente me imagino¡

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kareem yahya says:

hi i have the same engine.. my question is: how did u put that kind of carb on that intake manifold…..???
did you use a adapter between the carb and the intake manifold?

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Carnutzjoe says:

I don't see much benefit from the 4bbl. Even 2 liters at 8000 is only about 270cfm. They would be better off with the weber progressive 2bbl or the Bosch k-jet tonic or L-jet tonic Fuel injection.

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cupertino nazarin says:

hey tengo una pregunta ase poco compre una rabbit pick up y me esta dando problemas que va corriendo y empiesa a vajar la velocidad como si le faltara gas y no se que podra ser me podrias dar un consejo es una rabbit 1982 no trae carvurador

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Ulises Lopez says:

Ponlo a tiempo primero para k arranque mas rapido..

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RobiChoice says:

tiene cables nology

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sx22 says:

yeah i wanna know if the 4 barrell made a big differance

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Dakyne2 says:

Please will you tell me how you got the 4 barrel carb to fit? Custom build intake or is it available on the market? Did you have nice performance gains with the 4 barrel?

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OLLIRACZ09 says:

crees que sea posible que me pases el diagrama esquematico de el multispark para mi conejo ??

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