VW Karmann Ghia test drive

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1969 VW Karmann Ghia convertible Test drive


seywhut2985 says:

I would love to have another one again. I had a convertible through high school. They were so much fun to drive. And really easy to drive!

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wesley fernandes de souza Fsouza says:

Beautiful car /

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Douglas Harley says:

Would like to know where you order your interior

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Nathan Thompson says:

You slide on the ashtray and slide them in.
I bought them from Mid America Motorworks. I think it was $20.

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Michael Kergosien says:

How did he get those cup holders in?

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Geronimo Schubert says:

yeah… looks like a rare auto-stick… might be getting one… if the pan isnt rusted out, I'll have a 10-year project on my hands.. lol

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D See says:

Lucky man! What a fine ride…..

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kittybirg says:

It took me a moment to realize how you were able to hold the camera and shift at the same time — d'oh!

Beautiful car. I hope you have a lot of fun with her.

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