VW Camper Meet-Up

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We headed north to the Peak District on a stunningly beautiful Spring day to meet up with the lovely Sarah and James (channel link below), who have done a stunning job converting their VWT5 panel van into a luxurious camper van to explore wherever they please.
Thanks for hanging out with us guys and letting us film an amazing profile on you, coming soon!

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Filmed on: iPhone 7


Rob Clague says:

Love your videos, keep them coming.

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DreamWeaversSong says:

Watching people enjoying their lives creates such  positive energy. Thank you for sharing this goodness. We are all neighbors in this world community 🙂

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BeyondTheVan says:

Love it guys! Awesome to see the "real" part of making these films too. Keep up the great work, you're both amazing!

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Steve Brown says:

Love it nice van nice vid nice part of the world

Love the Evo furniture too

There's a lot of forward planning gone it this vid 😉

Kettle's on if you're passing North Wales!

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Nick Jones says:

Great video guys as always. my vans almost finished now and will be heading off to Greece at the end of May 🙂

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Jens Legend says:

Another great video you guys, keep up the good work:) My wife and I are going from a few years of digital nomading in Asia, to hopefully full time vanlife in Europe in a couple of months, hope to meet up with you guys then and share some experiences:)

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Julie Cara Hoffenberg says:

Thank you for all your continued efforts. You are providing great content for my love and I to see various van options and also places to travel through norway and the UK. I watch very few channels and used to make masses of videos a while back, so I appreciate all that goes into this… happy trails!

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CD Films says:

You should do an updated van tour

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CampingCarJoa says:

Your camera gear looks really high end.  I'm just learning about filming stuff and I hope I can be as good as you guys someday 🙂

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Fun After Fifty says:

Awesome and love the music!

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Anthony Malone says:

thank you guy's…

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Around the world in as long as it takes says:

so lovely to see more members of "the tribe" 🙂

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Rebel with a cause says:

Wouldn't it be great to have a uk vanlife festival

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skansown2 says:

Great video! Is this/Youtube your full time work?

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Adventures of Sarah & James says:

This is so cool! Thanks for investing so much time coming up! The weather was incredible for around here too!

Bee you're so stealthy 😂 we didn't have a clue that you'd filmed so much behind the scenes!

Was awesome to meet you both 😁

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Martin Ahlman says:

Thank you! Without you two this channel would be rubbish 😉

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Saxilby Joe says:

Great video. Wildboarclough and that valley is beautiful, allegedly its where the last wild boar were in the UK. There's a tiny place near there called "Parish Oven Bottom" – which I think is a super place name.

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goonluv says:

Nice vid guys looking forward to your next one atb Gordon

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Adam Parker says:

A brilliant watch on my Tea Break as always.. look forward to the T4 vlog arriving shortly.. my group will love it!..

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jue mcmillan says:

Loving all your YouTube videos, including your new stuff, it keeps it interesting and fresh. Thanks for sharing your adventures xx

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jai the vegan says:

You two are just LOVELY!!! Your videos always spark my day up thank you!!! ✨💚✨

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