VW Bus (Westfalia) Restoration Part: 1 Removing the interior

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Well its probably going to be a big hunk of junk in the end but maybe with a little less rust than when we started. Save the bays!


Struan Vlogs says:

Why so many quick cuts

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lady boywonder says:

Poor sink !

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Holton 345 says:

Uh, definitely a pot leaf, son. Google them. Not alike at all.

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Bradon Davis says:

hey bro, I just bought a 1979 westy. you got any pointers for restoring it?

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Jacepuddin says:

Coming form the nothern woodlands that is a pot leaf

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Tn3cN1V says:

how big is that garage?

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Pete says:

in two years you definitely both transformed body types

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Theskybluelake says:

Too bad they break down & overheat all the time.

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Joshua Tanner says:

"We should name it cannabis"

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Guismo says:

muy bueno, sigue asin y la acabaras

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FerreneMachine says:

thats definitely a pot leave ahha

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Marya Aslakson says:

Just watched all the vids of yours (that I could find) on this bus.  You boys are adorable – so funny and sweet with each other.  great job!

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Bruce Wayne says:

pot leaf not maple

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DanTheManIOM says:

Thanks for posting…. I have a 76 that is going to donate it's rear suspension…motor is seized, no title, missing numbers, rust, rust, a snake living in it, broken windshield, no canvas, missing sink.  It was a standard camper, yours is a deluxe, since it has the stove…. keep at it…I am working on bring a 78 camper back…going to drive it today….

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SargonBighorn says:

Most excellent! Looks like a 78 or 79 bay window and they ROCK.  The cool factor is very high for those.  Thank you for taking on the restoration of a classic.

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