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jeffthewhiff says:

The reason I was interested in this video is because the rocker panels on my '99 Beetle are beginning to rust through, so I am not sure if they are beyond repair at this point. It might be better to just find a couple at a junkyard and install them myself, but not sure how difficult it would be to do that. If anyone has any advice on this, I would appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

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Robert Lively says:

I see you have been hit by the VW wheel logo thief. I have been seeing a lot of New Beetle wheel logos have been getting stolen. Why do the dick-less fuckers steal the logo only and leave the hubcap? is it a gang thing (to wear logo on a chain around their necks) or something. I removed my caps and Plasti-diped all 4 wheels, and used a blue racket ball in center hole (painted it also) to cover opening. Saw you paint rocker black with undercoating.I did mine in 2009. Plasti-diped over undercoating. Still looks great.

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Dave Cloes says:

at :42 seconds and 4:15, those are OEM dimples that are there for a reason (as Terry states below)  They are there to let owners where to place the jack to prevent damage to the under carriage.  They aren't damage!  If you've ever jacked your Beetle up, you know that the metal is flimsy except where those dimples are.  You place the jack on the seam a few inches inward from the dimples.

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Luisinhozambao.jr says:

Hey friend where you buy Bando ? I need something like that ! Same damaged has mi car like your!

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Terry Atkinson says:

Just fyi there are two dimples on each rocker panel from the factory. One at the front and one at the back. They are there to show you where to place the jack to jack up the car.

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