VW Beetle Restoration Project: How to Take Out Front Seats

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How to remove front seats on a VW beetle

This is one of many videos I plan on making throughout my restoration of this 1969 VW Beetle aka, a Bug.



Jim Guice says:

Great vid. Last time I removed a from seat was years ago in my 1962 bug – no safty tabs on that year I can remember. Problem with my 1971 super: When removing the driver side seat it is stuck at the forward most position and won't move back or forward. What can I do about that? Is there a safty tab for backward sliding? Thanks.

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Steve Hafner says:

Now we know !!!! . . . we had no idea how to get the seats out of my '69 Beetle. How did we EVER live without YouTube ? LOL It will be A LOT easier to do the headliner project now !!! Thank you for taking the time to show us how to do this – I'm sure this video will help a lot of people !!!

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Favian Estrada says:

what are the wheel size on your bug? it has a nice stance ? do you have drop spindles all the way around the car ? and a narrow beam ?

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Vw Rosstorations says:

Good luck with it…

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