Volkswagen’s electric concept bus is far out, man

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Volkswagen introduces its new concept bus, the I.D. Buzz, at this year’s Pebble Beach auto show. This electric bus with autonomous aspirations plans to hit your local dealership in 2022.


Hideika Gaming says:

Tumblr feminists will flock to these cars

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Danyal A. says:

2022? Are yuou kidding me?

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Pepik says:

If it's a come back, it should stay in its beloved design.

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Jim BobbleHead says:

Gay and stupid ^^
Hello Car manufacturers, I have an idea and a market, however I don't have the resources.

Make a AWD minivan or bus. Only thing close right now is the Pacifica. You're welcome.

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mana_narie x says:

We are living in the future

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