Volkswagen Transporter T5 2.0 TDI EGR COOLER Replacement and post-mortem

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short video of how to replace EGR AND COOLER on a T5 transporter 2.0 tdi


Fly Fiordland says:

That man deserves a beer. Thank you.

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Philip Smith says:

Thank you so much for this video, instruction to remove and replace were spot on. Made the job so much easier. P0401 error – egr insufficient flow. Both sides of the EGR cooler were completely blocked. I soaked it in cheap cellulose thinners (gun wash) the baked on carbon turned to a sludge that was really easy to remove with a length of thick welding wire. Cleaned the inside of the EGR valve with a tooth brush and carb cleaner. Messiest job I have ever done !! Back on now a, revs cleanly, goes like stink and no more error code. £20 worth of cleaning stuff a load off rubber gloves and and afternoons work has just saved me £300 🙂

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WhiteFallow says:

Is it possible to replace it without re programming in the new one?

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Adrien Doutreluingne says:

un grand merci pour votre vidéo!!!

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MrB00gieknights says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing, how much was the new part please?

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John says:

ace thanks for sharing

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