Volkswagen Passat GTE Review: Plug in Hybrid – Is it the FUTURE?

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Northgate Volkswagen Bury St Edmunds recently gave me the fantastic opportunity to drive, film and review their Passat GTE Plug in hybrid.

My wife told me that if I could review this car then I could review any car as performance vehicles and hot hatches are my generally my forte so hopefully I did a good enough job. If you have any questions or queries please leave them in the comments section below.

You can watch a POV and MPG test drive here:

Watch a test drive of the VW Golf GTE here:

HUGE Thanks to Northgate Volkswagen Bury St Edmunds without whom these videos would not have been possible!

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Northgate Volkswagen Bury St Edmunds Website:

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The next few days see myself an Adrian heading over to the home of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Germany to attend the Autogefuhl fan meet where we will be getting up to a lot of COOL stuff! Stay tuned!



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Michael Elliott says:

With the diesel war, how would this car stand being used as a taxi?

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Irving waters says:

Was enjoying this review until 17 minutes and then I realised that you hadn't really got the jist of what hybrid driving is all about. Keep reviewing the boy racer cars. I'll give diesel 10 years and they'll be finished.

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Stuart Bailey says:

Thanks for the review. I have the estate GTE on order and will receive it mid September, I need reviews like this while I wait for its arrival, especially as I haven't actually driven one yet!! It just makes sense for company car drivers, which I am, therefore I only have to worry about the lease cost and company car tax. The other thing that made my decision is that you can tow 1600kgs with it, unlike most other hybrids. It's just a good allrounder, daily journeys for little money, affordable long journey, fun at the weekend, practical when out with the family!

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Lee Mas says:

I own this car and have covered 10000 miles so far, your mpg estimation is way off. This car achieves high 30's to low 40's vs high 40's for the 190bhp r line diesel version I also owned. This car is great for company car users for tax purposes, the tank range is low 500's which is more than most will need for a days driving. The car feels much quicker than the 190bhp diesel on the 0-60 but the real difference is the motorway mid range when accelerating from 50-70 which is more important for us motorway mile munchers. Not sure how long you had the car for but most people will compare this to a diesel and not a golf R which I also own. Interested on your review on the Golf R now, will take a look.

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Paul Gibbons. says:

Hi Joe great review 😊👍

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Natasha Abailen says:

Hey,GassedUpUK! I love your video! I know this comment is marked as spam,that's because it contains a link. But please check out this video! 🙂

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Hayati says:

You're videos are getting better and better.

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GassedUpUK says:

Big thanks to Bury St Edmunds Volkswagen for lending me the car for the day! Please take the time to leave a like on their Facebook page!

So maybe it's not quite as appealing as a Golf R but this is in many ways a bit deeper and definately more technologically impressive car. Tomorrow I'm off to Wolfsburg, Germany so i'll see you all when I get back. Take care. 😀

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Daz Drum says:

Being that you have tested and reviewed the golf GTI and R , you should now test drive and review the golf GTE, where I was looking at the GTI,R or S3 a do have a test drive booked with the golf GTE in August just to see how it sort of compares. Good review of the Passat gte 👍🏻

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Kimi Naidu says:

Please can you do a review of the 2017 Polo r-line 1.0 tsi ? Would be much appreciated , keep it up 🖖🏿

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Peak Performance Reviews says:

I remember when i drove the Toyota Mirai as much as i can see this is the future or part of it at the moment the affordable petrol electric cars are a little underwhelming but have there uses for sure. Great review as always fella =)

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MisterBassBoost says:

Nice content!

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