Volkswagen Golf R Estate 2016 review – Car Keys

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Looking to save money on an Golf R Estate?

If you love the performance of the Golf R, but just need more space, then look no further. With a 605-litre boot, the Estate has plenty of room, just make sure you safely secure your cargo.

That’s because, with 296bhp and four-wheel drive, it can accelerate from 0-62mph in 5.1 seconds.

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Peter benn pan says:

0-60 in 5.1 seconds. Isnt that for the manual and 4.9 is for the dsg? Your driving the dsg

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rafaelnousa says:

It's simply, the perfect car.

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Mahmoud Hassan says:

great review! too bad the car is let down by a low mpg though!

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gnarshread says:

And this is why I hate living in the US! I can buy a Jetta Wagon. I can find a Golf R. Can I get an AWD quick Wagon from VW? NO! I have to go for an Audi, Mercedes or Subaru and getting a manual box is as rare as rocking horse teeth.

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KingofThaJungle09 says:

Roll on June can't wait to get this

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Hans Bjorn says:

Wish it were offered in the USA. It would be my first choice.

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Peter Sarwan says:

great review by Matt Lucas

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Peter Harrison says:

I love my Golf R Estate, – it's the perfect car

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Rick Barrow says:

I pick mine up the 1st of March. It's been a long wait but gonna be so worth it!!

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XIFOS says:

Drooling over the second shot in the intro.

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MassiveGlove says:

The music is so high in the mix it's almost clipping while you're talking!

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ThatGuyNamedScott. C says:

My dads just placed an order down for one last Friday! Great car!

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JustLucky says:

Who buys VW?

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Graham Reid says:

I love this, absolutely love it, and was close to putting a deposit down on one in red until you see the price, when specced it was over 35k!!! i can get a 1 year old 535d m sport estate with low miles for under 30k, i know what i would have it wouldnt be the golf sadly.

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Shanjan Usman says:

VW Rigged Emissions LOL

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jasio kowalski says:

Those cars make no sense when the socialist states are so determined to slow the traffic down. And you Brits were the first to come up with the idea of speed limit.

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