Volkswagen Golf 1.9TDI (BXE), long cranking and hard to start. Fault finding and repair.

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This car came to me with with a few problems…

On this video I will be taking you through the fault finding and repair of the long cranking, or not starting at all when the engine was cold.
After the engine was started, it would always start, but would take a bit too long…

Watch the video until the end… as there is a twist on the diagnosis/fault.
Yes… I also make mistakes…
Due to the weather conditions, I have not recorded some of the bits, but I explain them all…

Here is the link where I show you how to adjust the torsion angle (Camshaft angle)…

Hope you enjoy the video.
Any questions please put them below.
Like always, thank you for watching!


Salim Khan says:

Good video imsvvavr!
Very well-informed video
I repair a lot of Volkswagens and Audi's i've come across this problem a few times now, and on most occasions this problem surfaced just after other garages replaced the timing belt, with the timing incorrectly lined up due to not using the locking
Pin & crank locking tool, it then throws up an error code showing camshaft timing out of range, it caught me out first time round and I replaced the sensor only to still have the same for fault showing on the scan tool !! After watching your video I noticed you were GIVEN THE WRONG part! That is an original quality part (hella) but its for a 1.9tdi Passat with an AJM engine code!!! Happens all the time with ECP !

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colin Lyne says:

Hi Imsvvavr great video and thanks for leaving it as original I learned a lot. i think your meticulousness shines through in the end. excellent
I am really pleased to tell you that your help on my granddaughters Agila has brought fruition in that I bought a complete fuel pump system as speedykar99 had alerted me to the fact that there are filter integrated into these systems as well as a fuel pressure regulator.
it arrived yesterday and I test fitted it yesterday and got 55psi straight away. I fitted the tank to the Agila and got %%psi again and then it started. which was very satisfying.. I think without the right information it is difficult to fix a problem. It was very hepful when you said that the ecu only triggers the relay. I wonder if you would be interested to do perhaps a couple of videos on the engine ecu and what it does and does not do. And perhaps what difference there is on different manufacturers exspect to ask there ecus to do. As usual brilliantly instructive video many thanks Imsvvavr. Bye the way are you Portugese?/english

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bodgit and leggit garage says:

Great video mate had similar problems before it's amazing how you can get false readings and you think one thing and it's another also when I tell people just cause of parties new doesn't mean it's good no one ever believes you good to see these videos and can show people this does happen

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2010shadow80 says:

Hi whats the name of the software for the diagram?

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Francisco Pereira says:

Fantástic, Nice job .. we really need loads of Patience nowadays .. once i also had a golf 1.9tdi bxe with similar problem ( engine when hot ,90° , cranking too much ) but was the alternator brushes worn out .. keep up this this work And Nice videos

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redman says:

great work man i like your patience….

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pedro l rivera negron says:

Greetings Mate..Things happened! Now I WACH IT COMPLEATE… You MISS THE MOST IMPT. PART!Messure/BACKPROBE the sensor wiring voltage, signal and ground, pluged and unplugged also messure/BACKPROBE the PCM conector side also pluged and unplugged. That will tell you if the sensor is bad, the wiring or the PCM DRIVER also will tell you if you have an open/ short wire… REMENBER THE BIAS-VOLTAGE THAT CAME FROM PCM UNPLUGED but any way,was an excellent!

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pedro l rivera negron says:

Hi mate!!!! greetings againg, on pin #1 the 2.0 v is the bias-voltage from the PCM, #2 is the 5v reference and #3 is the ground

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samuel maximin says:

Great very good Job

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One Auto, says:

Green crusties strike again!! Nice find. I've been burnt because of sensors from all the major factors including Euros claiming they are OE..They have always failed me. I will only fit genuine now, more expensive but rarely get a problem. Well done Luis

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Hussein Olivia says:

Well done man I appreciate your hard word in tracking the problem, but I have a question why did you not measure continuity of the wires through bell sounds instead of measuring resistance what's the diffrence?

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farouk says:

great video as always
just a question if the camshaft sensor is not sending a signal to the ECM the engine can never start but this is not the case im a bit confused

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auto uk says:

hi my frd,,,fly wheel maybe fault

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radu soptea says:

You can add a light bulb (around 400 mA load ex 5w/12 v maybe ) with a switch to put a small load on voltage lines.This is the idea of Loadpro from Daniel Sullivan

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sadik mamoun says:

sometimes shit happens my friend but exellent video

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swamp says:

well done on the good recovery to find the fault

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Paul Mayou says:

Great video mate what a pain in the arse lol i love your long videos perhaps you can do more would be great keep the good work up looking forward to the next

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