Vinyl Killer test

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test run of “Vinyl Killer” record player.


Medios, gustos y demás (C-1) says:

Probando una de Supertramp, parece como si fuese de un cassette, por qué se oye así???

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GrBofeq says:

@morsebulb It has an antenna thing on its side, and you put your finger in the way of it when its moving. Doing this will switch the antenna down and the car will stop…

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themadhacker2 says:

sounds terrible

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Sancho Enkhbayar says:

hmm.. i got that record

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modifproductions says:

I think that's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road…

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austin stenvold says:

I can't imagine killing a worse record

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mikeferr107 says:

Wow. That is pretty wild. I have heard of those oddities. However, I've never seen one in action before. Thanks for that.

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