vinyl killer

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The bus is put on the record, it gets on on the bus, and it listens to the


james morson says:

fact he has a barba rockets and the killer condom mould i never seen before makes this quite neat.

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gmc07joe says:

Lesbian entrapment

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liennto says:

this is fucking awesome

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galaxygems says:

@myrecordcollection Yes, it is a reissue on the Akarma label."from the MID-60' THE BAD VIBRATIONS of 16 usa lost bands vol.1"

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myrecordcollection says:

Looks like a reissue on the Akarma label.

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Aaron Herschlag says:

Why don't you just shoot the record and get it over with!?!?

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chstrumpetdude says:

Who cares about the record. What about the needle?

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Ryoga2K says:

This was very funny indeed

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wilkes85 says:

are you insane?

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Der Ralle says:


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BenDempster says:

nice figurine

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