Van life : Diary of a van man 9 – Bed time! Campervan conversion

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Showing you the fold out bed design and a little explanation on how i built the bunk 🙂 Next video wont be up for aout 3 weeks due to a holiday and then a knee operation afterwards. but! how cosy is the van looking now?!? 😀


Maggie Buchanan says:

Love all the woodwork. The bed is awesome, I love the tree you used for support !

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Gibbet Hoskins says:

That's a genius layout

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Dan Wang says:

you got some wicked lookin tats. i subbed. lol
and when you said smashin in the van i thought you meant fuckin, but thats doable too. hahaha

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Victoria Wolf says:

can you please do sometging like this to my van

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Mark Houghton says:

Love the double bed idea – very inventive.

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Cecilia Kern says:

Leon, I absolutely love your build, its inspired me in the design of my sprinter conversion! I love that the inside looks so natural with the wooden tree accents. Are there any resources you recommend for installing the tree as part of the bed? I have found guidance for installing birch trees, but nothing like what you've done. Would love your advice!

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Jesus Cisneros says:

great ideas my friend

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nice design on the hideaway bed!

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Mike Randall says:

good job, I'm looking at doing something similar. but I dont think i have the skills or patience to pull off something like that. you would have to be 100% dedicated

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Sherrie Carr says:

I think that bottom bed and the way you have it fold is fabulous.

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SweetFLGuy1 says:

Wow that looks like a old fashion wood cabin on wheels on the inside and it looks homey : )

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craig winterburn says:

Top build arrr kid…

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Carolyn Mihelcic says:

I Do like it A Beautiful Bed … You could try a couple of little Battery Lites to try out there cheap…are you doing Solar if you said i missed it…

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Robert Matthews says:

your bed looks great period your son's bed looks rather coffin like. is he okay up there?

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Jennifer Drake says:

bad ass, from Chicago

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e pen says:

Unique and very beautiful, looks like a cabin. 👍 Love the sofa/bed!

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Catie with a C says:

Omg that bed is great! I love the fold up/out method you used. We're looking for ideas for our RV…Thank you!

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hailtryfan says:

nice fold out mechanism! are you gonna fit the same in your new van? thanks for posting all your helpful videos

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Mr. Waynes says:

Nice job so far I especially love the tree support for your Son' bed. Good luck with your surgery. Keep up the good work!

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2wheelpaul says:

just found your videos great bed design

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