Top Gear – Jeremy Clarkson pretends to be a dog!

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Nicholas Hobson says:

He is Barking mad.

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Dee says:

I Love Clarksons Dog Impression .. LMFAO Every Time I Seen It

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Gabriel Edward John D'Argo Sun-Smith says:

"Sadly my Dog Impersonation was interrupted by the arrival of Captain Interesting". 

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Daryl Castillo says:

Tonight… I… am a dog.

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Huss Ali says:

Lmfao I love Jeremy

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MichaelD8393 says:

This from Series 21 Episode 3 in case anyone wants to know.

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diecast model reviews says:

My dog does not do that!

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Dantinus says:

I heard some dog is offended by Jeremy's imitation and is complaining to the BBC.

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