The Smallest Car in the World at the BBC – Top Gear – BBC

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Jeremy drives the Peel P50, the world’s smallest production car to work at the BBC and meets a few famous faces along the way.

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Indian Drives says:

#VolkswagenBeetle Copied In #ChinaByVIDOEV Shandong EV Expo 2015 

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Thomas Farquhar says:

1:20 hahaha he can't fit

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Bilal Malik says:

car this car LoL!

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Pedro Dorantes says:

Really….. The top gear office is not interested in cars???…….. That's quite ironic

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Jyse Hooper says:

I want one

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kool kids says:

The only car I like is the Chevrolet

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The True Ultimate of loving and caring says:

XD this is crazy but who knows this might be future

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Retrostevie Gaming says:

Get a V12 in that!

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Robin Curson says:

Clarkson did alot of damage to this car i know the owner, I'm glad he has gone from top gear he is a prick

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28power68 says:

Who's the old man that stole the car at 5:00?

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Benjamin Miles says:

(7:35) "BBC STAFF MEETING. How to reduce the carbon footprint of our Ethnically diverse disability access policy for single parent mothers". Top Gear, the last refuge of politically incorrect comedy, on the BBC/UK TV. You shall be missed. I hope that little bitch is happy with himself. Why couldn't he take a slap like a man and quietly accept his payout. No!, he had to be the little victim.

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Lizard Prince Parsha-Lei says:

More badass than Marauder?

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‫צאַר האָלי‬‎ says:

8:14 the car and Jeremy is smaller than the man with the wheelchair

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Joseph Morse says:

that is smell

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Honest Asian Guy says:

Everyone 5'0 and under should have this car!

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WILD WEAZEL125 says:

That's car could fit in the passenger seat of my pickup

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supermarine 99 says:

That small guy at 7:55 was on the "classic car rally" the co-driver of Jezza

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