spray paint a van

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Here i show how to spray paint the side of a van in an acrylic paint.

Trying to be even all the way across and staying at the same pace is all important to get a nice coat of paint on. i would always make sure that everything is working fine, because a mistake on the side of a van is always going to more work to put right after.

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ascarissuis says:

do you still remember how many coats of paint did you put?

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Bob Brudenell says:

Hi, no i didn't mask off the door, i kept going right through. i have a video that show that more but with a clear coat lacquer.

Go to my you tube page and check out the LACQUER video. Thanks for watching.

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Brian C says:

good stuff man, nice vid.

did you mask off the door and do that at a separate stage?

I learned the hard way (messed up one side of my truck) that you need to keep the gun at an even distance for the entire run sideways along the panel your spraying,

so im wondering, did you mask off the door to make the run shorter / more managable?

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