Practical Motorhome Doubleback VW Camper review

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Practical Motorhome’s Jeremiah Mahadevan runs the rule over the stunning, innovative Doubleback camper, based on the venerable long-wheel base VW T5. UPDATE (13/05/2013): Danbury Motorcaravans has released a five-seater Doubleback.

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TheSistaWarrior says:

where's the wetbath????

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Traid1797 says:

Woow Is he the only indian man that speak Engliash like that? He's the first for me

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SLEEKB Joe says:

it feel great car 

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Gabriel Acosta says:

De super lujo espero que nos yegue alguna a nuestra concesionaria vw zac

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Annelie Elisabeth Molin says:

What about when the sleeping quarter is slided out, it is raning outside. Then if you slide it back again and the moist  becomes trapped in the car. That is risk for mold and other stuff. What have they done to prevent that?

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Darshan Darshan says:

where do you make da kaka?

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Butchzzilla says:

So the old Westy could sleep 4 and carry 4 (5 with a jump seat.) This can sleep 4 and carry 2. That is progress gentlemen.

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Elaine Marten says:

so where do u put ur food, clothing, etc?

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formidable pour week- ends prolongés !!!!

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Paul Summerfield says:

its not really there?

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AnimalLover4171 says:

so my question is: where is the shower?

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Ruz GAMER 23 says:

too small

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Xymo Nau says:

A bit too expensive. However, maybe the fuel savings are so high compared to a normal motorhome that it is worth purchasing.

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The Aardvark says:

55 grand? you gotta be fucking kidding mate.

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Cem Aytac says:

hopefully not with a diesel engine!!!

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mansonpenicuik says:

Very smart.lets see if you pass an emissions test tho !

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xxyox says:

Travel w/2 and sleep 4? Non starter for most folks. Try again VW.

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John Delselva says:

One little accident and it will never work right again.

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Joinoh says:

it's hardly a Westie… but ok

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Moses Tan says:

The real question is – how much emission does it produce

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Callum Hutchinson says:

Does it cheat on emissions tests too?

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N 'So says:

Drive 3 people sleep 4. That took some engineering!!

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Mickey The Official McTv says:

but does it have a muffin button

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Cliff Lister says:

Could you give a few of these to the syrians, might stop them all coming here!

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christopher chang says:

is their a bathroom

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Matthew Gaming 10 says:

Why is the person running this channel a Muslim

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IhateG ooglePlus says:

why are there almost 11 million views on this van?

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Chardeya Green says:

why not extend everything upward so the van can stil seat up to 6 or 7 people and have sleep space for all 7

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thesrogg says:

Make more of theese!

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