New VW Sand Rail / Dune Buggy Project

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Picked this up on trade , Was to be “Running and Driving , But Old Owner Blew her up the day he brought her to me!!!!!

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SED71 says:

those gearboxes are pretty bulletproof, surprising it failed in such a way

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Austinswagthebeast #1 says:

Your very quit in your vlogs

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Probably Hitler says:

a dream of mine is to have a buggy like that and swap a subaru boxer in it

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Scale Model Creations says:

First part of vid ya can barely hear ya….no point in watching further if ya cant hear what you are saying.

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Scienceburritto says:

Save yourself some time and leave it out there

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Clayton H. says:

Those axels means u could put giant tires on it with no problem

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biggdaddy2001 says:

Most likely that is a 67-69 trans axle and a 68-70 1600cc engine back then only 1600 came with fuel injection the axle came from a bus which has a gear reduction

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Eric Maier says:

man this thing is nice

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captainjerk says:

Friggin sweet! I wanna sand rail too! 😃

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Brent Mcveeney says:

you traded a running and driving atv an a sled for that pice of shit. you can buy them around hear running an driving in way better condision for like 2-2500. a buddy of mine put a cbr 1000 motor in one an sold it running an driving for 1500

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Brendan wall says:

I just picked up a vw sandrail myself a couple days ago in lavengham,mb. I plan on swapping it with a vw turbo diesel

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Rex4x4 says:

That buggy is so awesome

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TrailBlogger says:

31:35 thought you quit those

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Cameron Wood says:

Dude I love ur vlogs keep up the hard work and what a lit buggy

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Tony Hawk says:

Deisel swap it with a Jetta engine.

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fupabox says:

Those are rear axles from an old VW van.. the used the portal axles for gear reduction, not for clearance. They used the bug motor but needed lower gearing for cargo. The portal hubs were the result. The engine appears to be from a VW square or notchback, or a newer 1970's van since it is the "pancake " motor ..flat fan, not upright

Good bones for a project. I'd love to have another.. cut my teeth on aircooled bugs 🙂

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ARednecksLife says:

Mustie1, recently started a series of videos on a 1969 VW with a fuel injected engine, probably a similar engine to what's in your buggy.
You can actually get a factory adapter to put dual carburetors on that particular engine.

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Micheal Loper says:

Take it back to city

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Seth M says:

Their fender mounts that they cut off.

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Kralyn Friesen says:

take It of a drive

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Brodie Bennett says:

Do a rebuild on that VW engine for the channel!
I miss those types of videos – the B&S 2hp is still my favorite!

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paul kelly says:

Whatever happened to Adam? He don't ride anymore?

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Form Less says:

Nice portal axles. Looks like a fun project….Wonder how shocks are, nothing worse than a hard riding buggys

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