New Volkswagen Polo 2018 review – do you really need a Golf? | Mat Watson Reviews

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The all new Volkswagen Polo has been a constant challenger towards the top of its class since it was introduced in 1975. Now in its sixth generation, it’s bigger, sturdier and more grown-up than ever. So grown-up, in fact, that it makes me wonder whether or not there’s any need to get a Golf anymore! Watch my launch review to find out if the new Polo is all the Volkswagen you’ll ever need.

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Shane h says:

VW, please offer this in the U.S. with a 6 speed manual and all wheel drive!!!

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ZEN Revenge says:

Which model is on this review?

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joshua george says:

how much hp dose it have ?

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Michel Oliveira says:

I live in Brazil and I have a Golf Comfortline 1.4tsi. A new Highline Golf with Exclusive addons costs 117.000 reais. New Polo will arrive in 26th september, Highline model estimated cost will be 65-70.000 reais. What's the point, VW? Really? Almost double the price, for 90% of benefits? Can anyone explain to me this marketing phenomenon? Polo went out of production in Brazil from 2014 to 2017. Why, again, VW? Are the representative from VW in Brazil drunk or what?

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shubham jain says:

Sir.. Please make a indepth review of vw polo…..

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spook92 says:

It's ugly

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Nauta Brodic says:

Polo has a high price for a small car. But drum brakes?!? I do not understand…..

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Jeff O says:

Why do all new car have slow and shitty touch screens???

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dany byz says:

It s there an AMG version..I mean an M version

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fusion01wp says:

YAWN. When you're old enough to be bored by this, give a thumbs down.

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Matt Rossi says:

Drum brakes? C'mon what complete cost saving trash. What is this 1996?

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Aimopotis 80 says:

Fantastic small car

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Akram Ghaleb says:

Yay! more things to break

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Theodore Vasilopoulos says:

Hey Mat! Huge fan from Greece with a video and/or advice request. Can you do a top-n video for the best hatch (or family hatch) for long journeys? I'm looking for the quietest travelling hatchback for sale right now. That's usually impossible to tell with a couple of test-drives. Can you please help???

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rainmikamuraishot says:

is polo for girls?

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B Fil says:


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Oscar Blanco says:

The back looks like what a BMW 0.5 series would look like

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Dan K says:

Uh, yes I need a Golf because VW corporate are a bunch of fucking idiots and won't sell the Polo in the US.

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Ian Purcell says:

You can get it with all LED headlights or xenon lol.. Xenon were on bicycles in the early 90s lol,but due to them being to slow to heat up, to fragile and to be honest to stone age they were ditched after a few years and replaced by far superior LED lights. I can't understand why xenon are still on some cars there outdated 20yrs ago.

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Kaush P says:

But what if you want a VW car the size of the current polo? So there is no size in between the UP/fox and polo/golf now?

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Anti_Immigration says:

Dlaczego tak dużo typków w Polsce jeździ starymi, gównianymi BMW (ponad 10 lat, czyli < 2007) i podniecają się, że to fajne samochody?
Przecież to tanie złomy, które mogę sobie kupić za 1 pensję. Najbardziej dresiarskie i ohydne samochody świata dla debili, którzy nie mają inteligentnych zainteresowań, więc szlalają się po mieście bez większego celu… tylko, żeby pojeździć tymi rupieciami. Jak tylko zobaczę takie gówniane stare BMW, to odwracam wzrok.

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Silver Geordie says:

I'd have one if all the electronic shite was ripped out. None of it appeals to me at all.

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F A. says:

Polo vs Ateca
(I know that I'm comparing a small car vs an Suv… but just answer)

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Oliver Rashid says:

Cant believe ive just found this guys reviews on youtube! Makes completely average car reviews interesting and good to watch, more of this please!

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tichaona mushandu says:

That interior😊😍😍

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Simpli Lease says:

Very stylish, crazy how bigger they are now.

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Voyager Uno says:

Touch screen but drum brakes. Nice priorities.

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