My (old) new van…1 man camper van to convert,Van Conversion,Started today .. Part 1

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Fiat Scudo 1.9 Diesel to convert to my 1 man camper van …. Jaffa is dead
Started today,10-4-17… good progress,will carry on tomorrow,and hopefully have it finished by next week


Deep South Experience says:

Been away for a while, got some catching up to do. Will be watching this during breaks of what I am doing around the house today and tomorrow.

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Pennsylvania Shane says:

Looking good so far mate. Hope you are well my friend. On to the next part.


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Vdub Camper says:

This looks like a great project looking forward to following. Atb Dean

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WestcountryYokel says:

no there's a good Idea. πŸ™‚

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Her Woofness Boston Terrier says:

Can't hear you well man. Wind interference and please speak up.
I'm really interested to see what you are going to do.
My volume is turned way up as far as it will go.

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BashaBushcraft says:

Oooo, same van as me! Looks great mate! Gonna do a vid on mine soon. Atb, Dave

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Great stuff mate, really made a big difference to the back looks like a new van, looking forward to part two and seeing it completely finished at edale atb brother

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Dave hawkins says:

Be interested to see your build's progress, keep up the good work!

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spot on mate your making good progress ATB Kev

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LFH02 says:

Nice one. half the fun the planning and the build. cheers

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Neanderthal Outdoors says:

New project mate with a slightly larger interior, sorted bud πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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51foxy says:

Brilliant mate looks spot on

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the mi woodsman says:

Looking good Scott , now ya got a place to take a break !
atb john

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Hindukush1234 says:

Have a bud who just retired but before that he had a power cruiser and and camper van with tongue ramp for his quad bike. He did take the time and care to install a stripper pole on the swim platform and quad pad. Just food for thought.. πŸ™‚

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Barbara Schulz says:

Nice van, Skooty! Looking forward to seeing the finished camper.

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Ken Allen says:

Nice one bro, just with a splash of paint and the carpet has made a big difference already. Was this cheaper than getting your Jaffa fixed. All the best.

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Prepped Nomad says:

Spot on mate ☺ Great progress ☺ Atb, Paul

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James S D says:

Not bad mate, might do one myself one day soon, giving me some ideas, thanks.

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Jonah 365 outdoors says:

Cool van will be good when finished πŸ‘

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ShazBoo BookOwl says:

Looks great!
It's the sort of thing I'd like to do for my Dad.
Good to see someone doing it, I can get ideas.
Looking forward to seeing it completed.
Thanks for sharing.

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Windham Woodcraft says:

Sweet! That looks like a sound rig! And your toes won't be hanging out the back at night 😁 🀘

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northeastbushcraft says:

gutted to here about jaffa pal, look forward to seeing your end result on this one though m8. them scudo s go forever so good luck with your new camper . atb John

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High Weald Woodsman says:

Nice one Scott, alls looking really good so far mate!

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Bug out vehicles UK Torn Apart self sufficiency. says:

I'v got some cable and some led strips and a load more rubber backed carpet tiles if it's any good to you pal.

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Project 806 Camper says:

hope you have many happy miles from the scudo, which is a taller 806 without the windows. reliable little vans

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david sowerbutts says:

looking forward to seeing it at edale pal

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barkingbadger1 says:

Looking good Scott

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vanSolo says:

I'm glad you got sorted Scott, will it be ready for the highlands ?

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Davies The Wanderer says:

Great van Scott looking forward to seeing the finished project!

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