My (old) new van…1 man camper van to convert,Van Conversion,..Part 2

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Part 2 of my van to camper van build,the bed surround.
I’m going to upload as i go along bit by bit instead of 1 final video and cramming everything in .
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Deep South Experience says:

Lookin" great!

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Pennsylvania Shane says:

I really like the bit of color you added. Looking very good so far. Will be a nice spot to lay your head.


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Mike DeMan says:

Is the Scudo much bigger inside than the Berlingo?

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Digger Boyce says:

Well done mateπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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CrossGrain Wood Products,LTD says:

Couldn't you have just lightly sanded the area where the paint ran and re-painted? I like the idea of covering it ,but to save money, you could have just sanded and repainted.

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Neanderthal Outdoors says:

Coming along nicely mate, should be a comfy abode when all done πŸ‘πŸ»

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Flat Broke Frank says:

Looks like its going to be a field full of vans then – ATB

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Barbara Schulz says:

Looking good. As long as you are happy with it is what counts. 😁

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the mi woodsman says:

Nice looks Scott your well on your way to a top camper van,,home away from home !
look forward to part 3
atb john

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DustyPilgrim1 says:

Hellfire Skooty… all this colour washing in dye colourways… You'll be staring a new business at this rate… 'Decors by Skooty… Who'd have thunk it ?… Interesting watch as the van evolves… a.t.b.

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Ray Wickenden says:

that looks very nice

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Ken Allen says:

Never thought of using coloured wood stains but wow that really looks good bro so no complaints from me. All the best

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crovo61 says:

Its coming together nicely, great stuff.
ATB Tommy

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ShazBoo BookOwl says:

Looking good!
It's fun watching it all come together.

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Hull bushcrafter says:

Looking good scott nice dash of colour aswel probably goin in my van to edale it's no camper but ive built a removable bed into it looking forward to seing yours develop now atb Craig

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Jorvik Outdoors says:

Hi Scott sorry, bloody predicted txt, i got a big camper but looking to down size to something like this size so im watching with interest…atb Lee

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Prepped Nomad says:

Looks great mate ☺ Love the colours and the outside theme ☺ Giving me some ideas/ inspiration πŸ˜‰ Atb, Paul

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Brendan Allan says:

very nice scott its nice size van mate 😊

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Looking good Scott, really like the splash of colour, and really like the log fabric, looks like plenty of room still too atb brother……. Mike πŸ‘πŸ»

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Gary rgj outdoors says:

nice one mate looking good atb gaz

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John Allan says:

Looking good pal I like the colour of the wood can't wait for next video better than Emmerdale lol β˜πŸ‘πŸ‘

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barkingbadger1 says:

Looking good Scott

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stain idea it really looks good who gives if they dont like it, its your van lol ooo how did you keep a straight face talking about wood lol


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Carlos Almeida says:

Natural colours awesome! Two days work, not to bad. πŸ‘ start be cool πŸ‘. Tks for sharing your ideas. Crack on πŸ‘.

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High Weald Woodsman says:

Really like that mate, dunno why but it reminds me of a beach hut we use in Bexhill. It's nice, tranquil relaxing small space, spot on! Thanks for sharing. Atb Andy.

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Love the stain idea it really looks good much better than the normal sauna look. Glad to see you using NAILS I'm sick of seeing people squirting bloody no nails all over the place. ATB Kev

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