Living The Van Life – Why live in a van?

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Living in a VW Westfalia provides a simple way to life.


Quayshon Ellis says:

Randy from Trailer Park Boys 😂

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Chris Diamond Travels says:

wish you would go back to these videos.people can relate to them better.

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Chris Diamond Travels says:

love the videos

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Shan Liu says:

I hope your dreams come true. I love the road and do a little car camping every year during my travels, although I can't say I'm saving money since I have so much stuff in the place I rent that I can't really sublease it. I wish I had a van like you, but I just drive an old camry, and surely I knocked out the back to the rear passenger seat so my legs can get in the trunk and I removed the passenger seat to build a bench for sleeping comforts, but there's really no place to cook. I know this is not the same case for you, but had your stove been out of order, do you have any suggestions for food prep?

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Jesse Deleon says:

cant wait till I get my van and can hit the road. I know Ill end up in Washington too. Its been a dream of mine because of the climate, but all my hard earned money just goes to bills.

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Rob Morrill says:

had to get your like count off of 666. Good video man.

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Nora Steel says:

chad, I always enjoy your videos! Thanks so much~

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The Carpenter Show says:

Hows life treating you Chad? Still doing the vanlife?
Did you remove my favourite video Chad that was similar to this one?
The one where you are sitting in the passenger seat facing backwards?

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Kylo Rich says:

I remember watching this about 2 years ago. You are one of the people who inspired me to pick up a Vanagon and this year, I will be quitting my job  of 9 years to hit the road. This is Kyle from Instagram (@kylorich). Cheers, buddy!!

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arry a says:

ah whuut!?? Jim Norton lives the van life?? LOL
Nah, I'm jus messing around. I use to fantasize about doing this but I have a 10 year old.  

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