land rover 4×4 camper van off road in Wales

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bug out vehicles UK trip to wales for some green lane action
my land rover 127 ambulance conversion
andys 110 FFR tdi
brummys disco 300tdi
stues disco td5
music kai enhel . raining


Paul Walker says:

Ex mil Landover 127 without diff lock? has it had a replacement gearbox?

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Justin Case Solar Power says:

Nice one. Enjoyed the video. Few friends out for a nice easy country drive.

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Drone06 says:

Just fantastic, great bit of brotherhood exploring British trails tackling challenges with beasty vehicles enjoying the scenery(and weather) making sure to take some bacon along with you and documenting it to share with us✌🏻😎🍺

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henry chaplin says:

Smashing video guys.. Lovely lanes and great fun.

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Timmyd122zx6r says:

Great video, these vids have been enough to make me turn my beautiful Disco 2 into a beast and use it for what it's intended! Cheers Rich.

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Interestingly Interested says:

I just don't get why everyone is being so gentle off road! 🙂

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Sam Chedgy says:

Those roads look amazing fun. I've got family in wales where abouts are they? Would very much like to get a group of my mates with defenders up there next year.

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Karve Overland says:

Very cool to see a camper van/land rover that is this capable on the off road tracks! Great video!

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Aliasify says:

Awesome channel! Hope to pick up an ex mod Daf 4×4 to turn into an expedition camper next year and drive around Sweden and Iceland in the snow the year after.

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Robert Firman says:

love defenders might have to buy a cheap 1 before they sky rocket

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shane phelan says:

I run air lockers front and rear in my 1980 chev blazer full size 6.2 liter turbo diesel, with 1 ton front rear diffs and 1 ton tranny and transfer case ( not stock of course)….you guys really need lockets at least in rear

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sa al says:

What a great video, just like being there myself.
Cheers from San Francisco Ca.

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Daniel Rosado says:

tires too inflated.

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red 1980s toyota 4runner with stripes says:

the wheelbase is so long, doesn't that compromise ground clearance?!

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TCR4x4 says:

Very nice camper you have! My dream vehicle. Nice to see it keeping up with the rest, I know the angles don't show on camera but having a lifted disco with a roof tent, I know very well how scary they feel! Have you ever been to Happy Valley or Nant Y Moch? If not, go!

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FoxLR 1602 says:

nice def'!

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Jeremy Roper says:

Those are some very nice looking land rovers yal have over there. Unfortunately, where I live, most of the land rovers never make it off road. Would love to see a video of the inside of the van and the tents when it is all setup. Good video

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TY ACORD says:

Why is it that you Brits can't figure out lockers.

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feiz01 says:

Hey rich nice vid,,,,, where's this mate 🙂

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photom2 says:

This is the trouble with "Sat-Navs"

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Vulcan Raven says:

Whats with the disco 2 ? Does he have CDL on but TL off ? Because TL would have stopped the turning weel and alowed him to climb it on fist try. Well atleast my does that 😛

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teefa2u says:

hi guys, great video, what is the sticker on the lower left of your windscreen?

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FinnWest69 says:

lower your tire pressure to 14-15 psi…

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Clive Sinclair says:

Great video. Nice to see these vehicles doing what they were designed for and NOT outside schools, or supermarkets!

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