How to insulate / sound deadening a VW Transporter T5, step by step guide

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Welcome to my step by step guide on how to insulate and how to do sound deadening on a VW Transporter T5. This is a 2011 model.

I will also list products and where you can get them from to insulate and deaden your T5.

Start with cleaning and prepping the area you are going to be insulating. Apply the sound deadening in as big as possible strips, to ensure you cover as much of the panels as possible. The product I’ve used is 5m x 1m Roll Car Van Sound Proofing Deadening 6mm Insulation Closed Cell Foam UK. There are better products out there (much more expensive though) but this will do the job. Link to purchase: make them an offer of £39 that’s the lowest they will accept.

Next its time to apply the Dacron. This helps to insulate, again its one of many products to use, so choose the one you want. I had the Dacron left over from a different project so it didn’t cost me anything this time round. Link to purchase: Next step, use the adhesive spray and stick the Dacron to the deadening. You then need to push it flat but don’t pack it out or stuff it flat. It works better at its “full volume”, so to speak.

Next step will be the insulation of the fibre glass insulation. Once you have measured the piece you needed, halve its thickness by pulling it apart. Apply this and again use the adhesive spray to hold in place. Link to purchase:

Following this, insulate the wheel arches with insulation foil. Again there are better products, but cost wise this is the cheapest option and will do the job (to a degree) Link to purchase:

Last job, apply the thermal insulation silver foil. Cut it to fit and then use the insulation tape to stick this down. Link to purchase:

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Keni Vrataric says:

For future videos, no more yellow lettering, too hard to read.

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Toby Eaton says:

For anyone else considering the same, I'd really only ever use de-foiled Celotex to fill accessible voids – this has by far the best U value short of Aerogel, or possibly aircraft fabric insulation if you can get it. I also use window frame fixing foam to fill any other voids I can get it into. Admittedly on a single glazed window van with an open cab the U value isn't really going to matter so much. Remember reflective finishes only work with an air gap and tend to condensate terribly, and the bubble wrap style insulation is essentially useless in any application. I don't meant to slate the video at all, it's a thorough job but anyone considering insulating a van should bear this all in mind.

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ambitionsskyyyy says:

I keep returning to this video for the playlist bobs head are you a DJ by any chance bud??

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dylanson says:

did it make a difrence great job

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DocKandTBW says:

Hi, thanks for taking the time to film it, tidy job. Why the white foam and loft insulation? Any opinion for insulating the floor?

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VW T5 Travels says:

Nice job. Love the sound track. 👍👍

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Vdub Camper says:

Great video, subbed looking forward to your videos. Atb Dean

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