How to change battery on VW Passat B8 remote key fob in less than minute

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Here you can see how to change the battery on the remote control (fob) of an VW Volkswagen Passat B8 – year 2015.


tonifrancis says:

That is wrong!!!! Dont do that, you might damage the key!1) remove the spare key 2) put a screwdriver into the hole and turn. the seal will pop up.just google a PDF online.

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Cowboy says:

je tam CR 2032 3V, diky

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Daniel K. says:

Das ist so nicht richtig. Das Fach muss nicht gewaltsam entriegelt werden.

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test test says:

Great video, but should be battery CR2032, NOT CR2025. If you have a closer look in the video you also can see that the old one is a CR2032. CR2025 is thinner than CR2032 and only has 160mAh instead of the original 220mAh

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