[HOONIGAN] DT 104: Will it Wheelie? ’64 Volkswagen Bug

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www.hoonigan.com/ On today’s episode of Daily Transmission, Joel Mohr stops by to throw the fattest and truest wheelie the Donut Garage has ever seen.

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TheHoonigans says:

Did you miss the first episode of season two of A BREW WITH: youtu.be/BXYbFl6Me-8 or Field Trip 008 with Ken Block youtu.be/4zZasXYvJM8 this weekend? Don't sleep! We ain't… Seven days worth of uploads.

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TAL7 06 says:

Finally we did it

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Rip headphone users

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MrMuziekman says:

haha i laughed so hard after the first wheelie when he said it was disapointing and crushed after with the second wheelie damn that thing is crazy 😛

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Joel Farley says:

Pure badass

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Jack Rawlings says:

In Europe there's hundreds of beetles that do wheelies as big as this, check out GEKO tunings wheelies.. there's also plenty of splitscreen and bay campers which can do them too

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David Thompson Mobile says:

Volkswagens rule….

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James Pitt says:

Does anyone else get really annoyed by how hard jon tries

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Clark Ray says:

Get stunt bob up in this bitch

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Bobby berrier says:

9:59 lmfao👌

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Timothy Stacey says:

Wheelie Space Race!

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Casper Hauge says:

Heya there ! Oh My God toxic It looks for me like actually mythical jsb suddenly x‑D

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Finn101 says:

Forza Horizon 3 hoonigan car pack is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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saad_bin_ 3mar says:

F*ck 4 illuminati 🔼

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Ryan Donnelly says:

"m9" Slamber?

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Carlton Harris says:

I feel like a pro I guess 13 pounds before he said It.

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Spencer Henry says:

someone call dirt everyday and get stubby bob over there

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Imperial Beach Dad says:

How do you guys manage to hold the cameras with such heavy gravity? You might need to mount them on dollys soon lol

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Tim Mezen says:

tiiiiiiight !!! the guys at Roadkill need to bring their wheelie machine down

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Matt Lundquist says:

Way to go Joel Mohr! that car always puts on a show.

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Josh Jones says:

Get Roadkill to bring out Stubby Bob

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jai king says:

This made my year holy f#ck

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