Family father’s dream VW: Volkswagen Passat Variant R-Line FULL REVIEW test driven Estate B8 2017

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Big comparison test VW Passat vs Skoda Superb vs Mazda6:

timecode index Passat Variant R-Line
Exterior 00:48
Interior 05:41
Driving 17:55


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23chicco says:

hey thomas just one question, i came from audi a4 and now i'm interested on this passat, do you think that they are at the same level concernig about driving experience and security?

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zi chen says:

Its my car! In China it is called Variant! and only available in petrol! Mine is a 2.0 TSI premium which is the second in line! Its a good car!

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Miro Mirić says:

I must say, great Review!!!

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chaitanya kumar Samardhi says:

Great review

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Fabian Bruns says:

Hallo, ich habe eine Frage. Beim Beschleunigungstest, wurde man am Anfang für paar Sekunden in Sitz gepresst oder war das Gefühl noch nicht so da?

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Sergiu Gut says:

love this beauty …Nice video .

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Krzysztof says:

What is a tested Passat color name?

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DimachkaS says:

I like it ! Please include lighting demo in your videos like turn signals! 🙂 Tnx!

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jan legan says:

why engine layout difference between audi a4 b8 and passat?

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Matej Babjak says:

Great test, as usual! One recommendation though – would it be possible to always include the engine type in the title of the video? Makes the search easier… Thanks!

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stashouse617 says:

Looks way better than the golf wagon . I haven't seen one in America

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stashouse617 says:

What the fuck is this . My my my such an amazing looking car . That muthafucka looks awesome 😎

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Andrei Simionescu says:

I'm a total dad, I would love this.

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Eric Burbach says:

family father, what the heck is that?

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Planeta Rakan says:

I'm not a family father, just really love wagons, beautiful car

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David Kråkenes says:

Can you do a review of the Volkswagen Passat GTE Estate?

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Fotogenik says:

Thomas – a question raised by watching this review as I consider my next car. Have you any thoughts about the future value of diesel cars, based on the fact that the UK at least and, presumably, other European countries, are seriously considering a so-called 'toxin tax' on diesels, that could really make diesels hard to sell in two/three years' time? I realise you are writing from a German perspective of course. Thanks

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