Easy Fix Car Scratches with WD-40

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Stone Gallimore says:

does he know that this doesnt work

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Aman Kumar says:

@1:45 "See how black it is" IT YOUR PAINT…. You are destroying your paint… DO !NOT! TRY THIS!!!! delete this video in a instant

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David Moore says:

crzy russ u did a good job not all scuffs and scrapes on vehicle surfaces are the same dont let these diy flunkies deter you keep videos coming

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Niceguy4u says:

Hmmm wonder why the paper towel had black paint on it? O yeah. That's because it's removing the clear coat and paint. What a great idea!!! NOT!!!!

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Alfred Marquez says:

I had a deep scar on my left chin from an automobile accident. But it came right off this morning with just a little WD-40. Who knew?

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‫מרד בר כוכבא‬‎ says:

Thanks, this looks like s good idea?

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Milan Stanojkovic says:

hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to discover how to spray paint a car at home try Wiltapar Paint Sprayer Secrets (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my partner got excellent results with it.

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levent yuce says:

bu işin uzmanı olarak tek söyliyeceğim şey tamamen yalan çizik olan kaportaya su da dökseniz yağda dökseniz yağlı kimyasal da dökseniz çizikler anında kaybolmuş gibi görünecek fakat gram çizik çıkmıyacaktır yanı ıslaklık olan kaportada çizikler çıkmış gibi görünür ama yakından bakınca çıkmadığını görürüsünüz aptal yerine konulmayın ve sakın uygulamayın sıktığınız wd 40 kimyasal bir madde olup ilk güneş görmesinde zamanla boyanın atmasını sağlıyacak ve boyayı çürütecektir sakın diyorum

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ilya0885 says:

пиздец,ну и противный акцент,мне кажется у русских не такой ужасный акцент как у тебя

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Guy Man says:

this may or may not work but for the people that are concerned with the wd-40 eating clearcoat or paint it will not it is fishoil it is not even flamable anymore. and the reason that there was black on his rag and the scratch goes away is because it is single stage paint. there is no clear.

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Khs Enizi says:


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Jack Arseneault says:

Thanks for the info.

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Jimbo 1944 says:

Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. All that he has done is remove the paint debris from the scratch, I could do that with tap water or pee. Note that the scratches are still there.

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Jase says:

perfect if you are trading your car in :-)

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CRAIG brown says:

U can do the same with any dash aerosol that contains silicone

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Niranjan Lingayat (Niru) says:

so much sprayed

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not myname says:

A color wax and chipstik will do this but won't eat away any material.

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Alexander Pearce says:


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octavio macias says:

wd40… they don't even want that at a paint shop around cars

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CoolKid Benz says:

simple light rubbing compound and a microfiber and a tad bit of pressure, will remove all surface scratches(clear coat scratches) … deep scratches that catch your nail ..you need your original paint color from the autopart store or car dealership and a 5k sandpaper . some polish and wax. and soapy water . fill in the scratch or chip .. set your sandpaper and slightly rub the surface where painted with the 5k sandpaper until the scratch is no longer visible. (haze will show).. then polish it till the haze is almost gone. once that step is done. use wax for added protection.. rub it in ..wait a couple of mins and remove the wax with a clean microfiber towel. for should be removed. less than 15 mins per deep scratch.

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Felix Rousseau says:

learn how to drive before doing this

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Reach says:

Ya'll gonna troll yourself if you do this.

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CSMedia says:

Use car polish it will work better! Really! Auto Glym it will cover them properly.

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Curtis McAllister says:

He seems really unintelligent.

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Ksam96Trini says:

I think its obvious by now that WD-40 works for everything! LOL

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Fadhli Ramlan says:

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Michael Chacon says:

Paper towel… Really…

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ZekeMagnum says:

paper towel. might as well just use sandpaper

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fou zi says:

hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about how do you spray paint a car try Alkarno Spray Paint Alchemist (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my brother in law got excellent success with it.

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