DüsselVlog 11 – Westfalia, Hobby, & the Ultimate Off-Road Motorhome

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The penultimate DüsselVlog is the last one with fresh content from the Caravan Salon 2017. We look at a new Westfalia Camper Van based on the Fiat Ducato 4×4, another Hobby Caravan, a Sterkeman, and a HUGE Action Mobil – the Ultimate Off-Road Motorhome.


Meekey Kamira says:

Went well Andrew…and Dougal
I'll come around the world with you both, on that AWESOME mobil🤓

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Andy sm Gray says:

Being an HGV driver, I'll make you a deal Andrew.
You buy the ACTION MOBIL and I'll be your chauffeur free of charge, as long as I'm fed and watered…..😂😂

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Granny Lyn says:

Love the Hobby! I wonder why so many have gone with the two twin beds? But I love the new fridges!

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Ian Blackford says:

On the Sterkeman van I was sure you were going to say "Shut the fridge!"

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Experiment Eks says:

That offroader truck was awesome but the price almost made me spill tea on my keyboard. For that money, I'd rather build my own. What I've seen people use for their offroad rigs are the 4×4 trucks by Isuzu being converted into offroaders. At one point it was quite common in Asia (Japan in particular) now you'd see these "toy cars" being converted into campervans. Wish you could come to one of Japan's shows. You'd probably love it. There's plenty of small and compact builds with very smart designs.

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Joseph Dugan says:

Are you planning to travel to the USA in the near future?

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sallynse says:

Ooooh look congratulations on getting to 10,000 subscribers- 👍🏻👏🌈🦋🎖🥇🍾🥂
Now you and Dougal. can get some sleep🐶

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Kerry Greenlees says:

The action mobile is my dream ride. Thanks for the tour.

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LisaMarli says:

Hi Dougal. Travel safely. And get some more sleep. The reports have been wonderful. Europe has all the cool toys.

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庆王爷 says:

so good and so helpful of your videos is

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Lori Jones says:

Check out the American Earthroamer if you think the Westphalia is expensive. Congratulations for passing 10k subscribers. It's a real milestone.

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Anti Petrolhead says:

Around the world…I'm ready..lol.

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Nika Nailekara says:

What kind of vehicle do you think is necessary to tow a Hobby PRESTIGE 620 CL?

Are you going to do a "best of" of what for you think is the number 1 campervan , caravan and motorhome ?

The MAN motormansion …. WOOOOOWWWW !!!! In love with it !!!

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Julie Mix says:

Another very good one. That monster thing at the end – WOW! Wonder how many miles you would get to the gallon? Thanks, Andrew for a job well done.

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Bob Fitzpatrick says:

Hi Andrew, These extreme off road camping vans are great for what they are designed to do, go off road to hard to get to areas, or remote locations. However there do leave a lot to be desired for highway driving, as plus the fuel economy ratings are dismal to say the least.
These show video's really get the information out there, thank you!

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Night Wolf says:

What an off road monster. Think there was a similar vehicle in the last star wars film. Where was the rocket launcher mounted?

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Puck Roamer says:

The colour on the Westfalia Andrew is called NATO green. Its all the rage lately for off road campers. Great video and glad that your recharged after your long sleep. Bob.

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Dee Stephenson says:

But he gives kisses☺

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Stuart White says:


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Jaswarswar Wars says:

Very nice kitchen lay out in the Hobby Caravan. ohhh and Hellllooooooo.

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Simone Siepmann says:

Love your videos! ❤️

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Seaside Housewife says:

Made me sad to hear it was the final dose of vintage!! (and WOW what a fridge!)

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Paul Edwards says:

Sterkermann – interesting – a first for me – will they be at NEC?

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Chris Hooper says:

Thanks Andrew, there is a few in the uk but also do have the option of buying a uk spec direct from Germany 👍

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Troy Kirchner says:

Maybe next year you can check out the West coast of Denmark

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paul cooper says:

Hi Andrew, love the dusselvlogs. A question for you and dougal. Excluding the "hall of dreams" what caravan/motor home caught your eye as a serious contender and/ or replacement for the airstream? I know you love your airstream. Just a question. ☺️

On a more serious note, what was dougals favourite stand?

Have a safe trip back to the uk and keep up the good work!


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Stefan Luven says:

Thank you very much Andrew that you was thinking for my wish. Great job like we are used to it from you ! I wish you and Dougel a save trip home.

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