Drag Race: VW Golf GTI vs Golf GTD

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In our latest episode of A Game of Golfs, we head to the quarter mile drag strip for another Volkswagen face off. This time it’s the latest Golf GTI vs the brand new Golf GTD.

Interestingly, both cars offer the same amount of torque: 350Nm. And both cars tip the scales at just under 1400kg. But the petrol-burning GTI produces 39kW more than the GTD; the diesel-powered hatchback certainly has its work cut out for it.

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DragRacer #98 says:

relaxed sigh my kind of videos right here😄

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alister varden says:

GTI vs 7.5 R for fun

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Conrad Claassen says:

"rolling in the D" ? that's not cool. Not cool at all

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Avela Magazi says:

Doesn't diesel have to warm up first if you wanna race?

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Lorne117 says:

So, as a GTI owner myself, I have to say.

The car didn't do a 'horrible' launch, you did launch control wrong.  You may not have even done launch control at all.  If you use launch control, you must HOLD DOWN the ESP button until it says its disabled, with all assists turned off, then you must enter sport mode.  In this video, it is not shown that you did this, may have missed it altogether.

Once you do this you must FLOOR the accelerator while holding down the brake with your left foot.

If you did this right, then there is no, as you say 'traction control' interfering with the launch and first gear change.

When I first owned my car, I did it wrong, now, I never do.

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Alchemist124860 says:

Of all the over priced golfs the GTD takes the prize

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Paul Roux says:

Well done on nearing 100K Subs. Pity these were two VAG products. I have a 2007 Peugeot 407 Coupe if you want to do a retro review. I'm in Stellenbosch so I can bring the car to you.

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The Jude says:

I would like to see an article on why this GTi has doubled in price in one generation, its not double the car.

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Wez Loka says:

This new spec gti has 169kw…..like the old spec perf pack version…….but does it also have a lsd like the old spec perf pack???? Terrible off the line for a car with launch control.

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Edwin Simpson says:

Focus RS vs Golf R drag race please

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Teriimon says:

Why they didnt put in gtd 2.0 bitdi? Hope they will do it in golf mk8. Intresting would be chipped gtd vs stock gti performance

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SDav21 says:

Perhaps the heavier GTD diesel engine gave the front wheels of the GTD more traction on launch.

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Johan Benade says:

"rolling in the D…"


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The Stig says:

Launch control requires traction to be turned off. It appears the car was not launched

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Ishen Prithipal says:

Good face off, the GTD is a more restrained dragster

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wyndts4 says:

Why do u think GTI launch control is so badly Ciro…?

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Waseem Khan says:

Do golf GTI vs Polo GTI next

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Robin Wijaya says:

The GTD is way better than the GTI.

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speed8115 says:

Do a drag race with the golf r and ford rs

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ApurtureSci says:

I thought the GTD had 380nm

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Tebza Molope says:

Guys make better content new golf r vs old golf r, focus rs vs golf 7r …. so on

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frank katende says:

always find myself converting kilowatts to horsepowers. its gonna take some getting used to

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