Drag Race: New VW Golf R vs Golf GTI

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Welcome to Part 3 in our Golf-themed series…A Game of Golfs.

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Drag Race: VW Golf GTI vs Golf GTD

In this video, we line up the latest Volkswagen Golf R with the latest Golf GTI for a good ol’ fashioned quarter-mile drag race.

Power outputs from the latest Golf R have been beefed up to 213kW and 380Nm, and while those figures are impressive, the model is detuned for the South African market, due to our hot climate. Power figures for the new GTI have climbed from 162kW to 169kW.

Acceleration figures of 0-100km/h are claimed at a rapid 4.6 seconds for the R, and a slightly less impressive 6.4 seconds for the GTI.

For this race, no one was expecting the GTI to steal a victory, but just how much faster is the R, and in the all-important, straight line race, what does the R100 000 premium over the GTI really buy you?

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Edwin Simpson says:

Focus RS vs Golf R… Enough said

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blueboy466 says:

golf r facelift vs golf r prefacelift ??

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benjamin2kbl says:

Why do people buy the gti over the r?

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MrFunk says:

LOL – um. No duh. Even if power outputs were identical you'd have that outcome.

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louisolivierfortin says:

How about just adding a roll race from 50kmh, really easy to do and would add some value to the video ­čśë Like you guys said, those results are really obvious.

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Mark C says:

To be expected really , AWD vs FWD
However try a rolling start around 30/40mph I bet the R doesn't really Better the GTI a whole lot since the extra weight lessens the power to weight ratio. It's only the Launch control and AWD that won that race

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christopher mcferrin says:

This video just reiterates what is already known: AWD vs. FWD from a launch is no contest. I had a 2015 GTI, now have a 2017 R, and while the R is much faster off the line, a tuned GTI would undoubtedly take me from a roll. They're really two completely different cars that cater to two different crowds. It comes down to what you value performance wise, what you're willing to pay, and how much power you want before dipping into warranty breaking territory.

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QNER says:

Really? What were you expecting?

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Noko Mehale says:

Got a lashing from the big bro ­čść

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Guilherme Cabral Freire says:

Just one try!?!?!? Can someone make the GTi not spin so much the tires?

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_bWn2 says:

Do the R against the S3…is really what we wanna see Ciro. Sibling rivalry

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Wez Loka says:

So the gti was Half a second faster when it ran the R (14.2) compared to when it ran the gtd (14.7)??? I think the left lane traction is bad.

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Michael Zhu says:

What's the altitude of the drag strip?

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The Stig says:

How about doing a rolling run after every drag race…. because this outcome was obvious … and at least do a 1km race

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Mr Smith says:

Even tho the Golf is faster, I would still choose the Golf as the Golf is definitely the better choice.

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