Documentary – History of VW Beetle Classic

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History of Volkswagen Beetle Classic

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Corrado Soprano says:

Volume is way too low

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WageTube says:

Way way back, talking like the 1970s, I remember being in college where I took a class on "The History of Warfare," oddly enough for Berkeley taught by a uniformed Army Colonel. To make the class interesting he told our small class (about 8 students, not a popular class at Berkeley) that the VW Bug was Hitler's idea, he wanted a car for the masses. They named it Volkswagen which translated to "People's Car."

Although we believed the Colonel, we broke his balls by saying "yeah right, the Bug was Hitler's car." Next class he played a video clip of Hitler in a parade. He was standing in the back seat area of a convertible Bug. When I told people the origin of the Bug, that it was Hitler's idea, no one believed me.

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andrew kimber says:

A great car. And it wasn't designed by Hitler,it was commissioned by him. Motorhead,you're nuts!

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motorhead says:

Designed by an evil evil nazi leader.
Besides these cars were the worst junk. Germany lost ww2 and got back at us by selling this garbage to us even today. We have a big shop and avoid vw today…plastic water pump fails…bizarre software issues even factory cannot fix …Audi even worse.

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longtomsa says:

Thanks. Nice piece.

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laboye says:

Reminds me of when Discovery channel was actually interesting!

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Portrius says:

The translation from this video is Dutch 😀

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Hersa Morgana Resta Indraprahasta Indraprahasta says:

DP-ya ganti atuh,akang… 😛

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