CRASHES: 2016 VW Tiguan

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The overall safety rating of five stars is aggregated from the new Volkswagen Tiguan’s results in four sub-sections: occupant protection for adults and children; pedestrian protection; and driver assistance systems. The new Tiguan passed the comprehensive Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) test series with outstanding results – not least thanks to its first-class package of safety features, including optimised vehicle body structure, a highly effective safety belt, seat and airbag combination and innovative driver assistance systems.

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Marcel T fitnessbuilder says:

Way better score than the older design Tiguan

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Simon Xue says:

Ok this is decidedly more solid than Japanese cars

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The Classics says:

I find 1:07 funny. Dummy waves.

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krutomjer says:

Just imagine how many lives are saved by automatic braking.

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Super Trini Gamer says:

What will English ncap be called? Crash tests and safety will drop in cars in UK?

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kevim paz says:

Do a 2016 Chevy traverse

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Alex Gonzalez says:

And it's a tdi model

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Choschnebab says:

Lol, so much better then Mustang etc.

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Taliko_ says:

Anyone know the song? Shazam can't find it 😀

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silox says:

Great Results!

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Mert Şahin says:

Really good…. absolutely 5 star 👍🏾

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syed zeeshan haider naqvi says:


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