Crash and Fail Compilation Spa Francorchamps Radillon VW Fun Cup race weekend 2016

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Crash and Fail Compilation Spa Francorchamps Eau Rouge VW Fun Cup race weekend 2016 – Auf diesem Channel werden Crash, Fails & Action Movies von der Nürburgring Nordschleife Touristenfahrten, Rally & Motorsport gezeigt!
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Jeff H says:

The most famous part of the circuit is the Eau Rouge / Raidillon combination. Having negotiated the La Source hairpin, drivers race down a straight to the point where the track crosses the Eau Rouge stream for the first time, before being launched steeply uphill into a sweeping left-right-left collection of corners with a blind summit. Properly speaking, the Eau Rouge corner is only the left-hander at the bottom. The following right-hander that leads steeply uphill, which was introduced in 1939 to shortcut the original hairpin "Ancienne Douane", is called "Raidillon". The corner requires an amount of skill from the driver to negotiate it well and the long straight ahead produces good overtaking opportunities for drivers at the following "Les Combes" corner. The corner was tighter and narrower (it was made wider in 1970, when the circuit was updated) on the old circuit than it is today. It is now faster.

The 2005 and 2006 F1 World Champion Fernando Alonso explained: "You come into the corner downhill, have a sudden change [of direction] at the bottom and then go very steep uphill. From the cockpit, you cannot see the exit and as you come over the crest, you don't know where you will land. It is a crucial corner for the timed lap, and also in the race, because you have a long uphill straight afterwards where you can lose a lot of time if you make a mistake. But it is also an important corner for the driver's feeling. It makes a special impression every lap, because you also have a compression in your body as you go through the bottom of the corner. It is very strange – but good fun as well."

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Krakatoa says:

you wanna race an olskool beetle, put a porsche 911 turbo engine and that freaking fucking bastard son of bitch will turn into badass.

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Viktor Dimitrovski says:

what car is that at 2:40?

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War Writer says:

The cars exploded into pieces

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Kaj Lindström says:

Onpa Kuplassa heikot pellit … vai olivatko nuo peltikuplia?

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rahkin rah says:

I had no idea there is such a series! And at Spa! Cool! thank you!

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Evolved Micro9 says:

The beetles be like: FAAAAAAA

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MrLeon4646 says:

Alter schwede, diese Typen haben Eier.

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Veronica Villalobos says:

can you but more of this videos

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Panda Lover says:

When I started this… SLUG BUG OVERLOAD!!!!!!

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Steffele 66 says:

I'm a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World – Cars of Plastic – it's fantastic…..

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MiniOne82 says:

Bloody hell thats alot of FC cars

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jonathan lambert says:

This isn't the "eau rouge " this is the "raidillon" >:(
The " eau rouge" is down the raidillon.
the eau rouge is named like that because there is a very very litle river at this place :p

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