Cracked Dashboard Repair – Padded Dashboard

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Restoring a Datsun 280Z cracked dashboard that is split down the middle. Step-by-step procedures for restoring your dashboard. You will also learn how to spray texture onto your dash board. The products you need to restore your dash are show and fully explained.


Plastic Cleaners:

Airless Plastic Welders:

2050-9 Padded Dash Filler:

FiberFlex Welding Rods:

1060 Filler Prep:

1050 Plastic Magic:

Waterborne Primers:

3803 Flextex VT:

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Mitchum Pacifico says:

Do you guys do dash repairs?

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Jan says:

Wow, amazing and superb.! How much time did the job consume and how about repairing cost?

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Danny B says:

funny, at the end they keep showing the dial area instead of the repaired area. did it come.out that bad?

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John Rizzi says:

lol I did this repair on my 76 Mercury capri back in 83… only I jumped straight to Bondo and used a can of rustoleum… used a piece of vinyl with texture and pressed it into the primer to match the original dash then sprayed it plack a few times… cost me less than $10 and looked great!

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fearless Patriot says:

you can use less expensive products like, a polyester body filler, a cheap can of spray bed liner,for texture, rubbing alcohol, to clean and .99 cent flat black spray paint. cost is less than 20.00.

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elplebe says:


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Joe Smith says:

cool as fuck.

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Steelwool Man says:

who even has all of these tools?

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kevin2m4 says:

is this a viper dash or a datsun ?

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Victor Everlove says:

I'm officially impressed! Nice to find a product to save the dash of old cars that may not have the after-market following of others. Unfortunately, this product is not inexpensive, nor is their little "airless welder" a drop in the bucket. About $35 for the rods and nearly $200 for their "airless" welder. Ends up costing about the same as a new dash. I'll go new, when able. Good sell until I did a bit of research on pricing.

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Greg Burgess says:

how do I get the repair kit?

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PNGman says:

Wow, didn't realize you could repair those. That saves me time (and money) looking for a maroon '86 Vic dashboard…

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Scott Witkowski says:

I gotta be honest, that's alot of work and I'm sure the products are expensive. If I have to remove the dash anyway, I'll just have it vinyl or leather wrapped, probably cheaper.

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