Classic VW BuGs Intro to the 1st NY Vintage Air-Cooled 2017 Beetle Treffen Show

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This is a short video showing the grounds and location to the 1st NY Vintage VW Air-Cooled Treffen show 2017. Show will be held on October 1st 2017 with a rain date on October 8th 2017.

More info, directions, pre-registration, and flier can be seen here

Hope to see you all there!

Chris Vallone


kyungi1 says:

Damn I wish I could go but precious isn't ready yet lol.. 58 vert beetle. next year 🙂

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Javier Martinez says:

if I had a Volkswagen Beetle I will go. But I don't have one but I will love to get one

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MrPyroBomb says:

Yeah ill just fly over with my beetle from belgium to ny 😂😂

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ESKILAO/ Fusca says:

hi Chris  idid a video on TRAFFIC JAM VW2017 if you want or let me I can do a video for the show!!!

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