Classic VW BuGS How to Mount your Fenders and Beads for Vintage Beetle

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In this short video I show you how to mount your fenders and new German Fender Beads


Mportello1 says:

If you have time can you tell us what color is this car?Thank you

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Rang123 Yea says:

Chris what's the best place to order from to make sure I get German beads and what is that color of the bug in this video? thanks!!!

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if your a BUG guy you realy need to SUBSCRIBE to CHRIS the BUG MASTER 🐞👍

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Thomas Payne says:

Not as easy as you would think to get it nice and straight. I just bought the NICE stuff and getting ready to do this.

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72norms says:

Hey Chris , I have a 1971 bettle but I was wondering if any older front fenders would fit ? Thanks and keep up the great work!!

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Chicken tikki masala says:

Hey chris, haven't been on the channel in some time. Hope you all the best.

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TF Fan says:

Hey Chris, I am starting to restore my 1967 Bug, but I don't like the vertical headlights and I wanted to replace them with 1966 and earlier fenders. I saw online that it would fit my 1967 bug, but I'm not sure and I don't want to waste my money until I know it will work. Do you know if the earlier fenders would fit my 1967?

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monkey08642 says:

hey chris, when you tap the holes for the fender, doesnt that create a bare metal thread? is there no worry that it would rust from inside the thread?

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Coffee Jack says:

Would the fender beads protect against rust buildup in the joint? You see, i really want my first car to be an old beetle and use it for everyday driving all year around. Just trying to learn the most about the car before purchase. What's your thoughts on this.  🙂 

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1uptospeed says:

58 lookin great!

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vza423 says:

Great vid. Thank you.

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JohnnyBoy Biggz says:

Nice bug an work

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Astro Atomic says:

My boyfriend cut one of my German beads.. we went to a car show the other day and he looked under a bug's fender and he got upset. My original beads matched the car color.. the balck ones seem more striking to me.

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zzzdogutube says:

Chris , Thanks Ron

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weewillys1 says:

Aren't the beads suppose to be body color?

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01245greenie says:

Great video Chris. Keep them coming its helping me learn loads.

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