Classic VW BuGs 1952 Split Window Zwitter Beetle Ragtop Build A BuG Completed Project

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This is another Fine Restoration of a 1952 Split Window Zwitter Ragtop VW Beetle by

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A 2016 Greenwich Concours D’ Elegance Acceptance!

A Beauty.

Chris Vallone


steve9173 says:

Better than the factory. Beautiful job!

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Jayden Faass says:

Exquisite. Who is the ragtop from, Chris, Sewfine?

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renragged says:

Absolutely spectacular! /drool

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Streeters Garage says:

Amazing work. Once I hit the lottery. You'll be the first person I call.

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Iphizone says:

WOW… Amazing work!!

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67herby says:

Mona Lisa on wheels! Been waiting for this finish video Chris and you did not disappoint. Another Beautiful example of your craftsmanship. Congratulations buddy awesome job.

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Josh Briggs says:


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Dan Johnson says:

Another beautiful resto. Owner is lucky to get a car done by you and your team!

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