Classic Vintage VW Volkswagen Beetle Bug Aircooled Car Show Englishtown NJ Show n Go 2009

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This is the Aircooled show at Raceway Park NJ of April 2009. All Aircooled cars from Bugs, Buses, Ghias, Things.



Benjamin Nazmi says:

i love the black bug more 🙂

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Balazs Andras says:

VW das auto!!

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Bobby Hill says:

I have a 73 super beetle. I've been working in it for so long. I drive it everyday and something seems to go wrong with it, if its not the alternator rubbing aggainst the fan belt pulley its my fuel pump going dead. But i love it to death.

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Bart ten Thije says:

@9876543210849 I agree, if they make it more retro than the new beetle and engine in the back, (and slow + cheap) it would sell I think

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jorologo says:

Hey Chris, "Good on Ya Mate" for your First Placing on The 54 Beetle. Also a great L@@King turn out by all The Air Cooled Headed Fanatics. Also checked out the other car show vid . Unreal.

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sharkinfested says:

I thought that was your '54 early in the video! Congrats on winning – it's even more beautiful in person 🙂

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