Classic Car Graveyard With Volkswagen Beetle & Others – Abandoned Dumped Cars Urban Exploration

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Hey guys,
Welcome back to another exploring video with me. This week we take a look at a car graveyard thats a couple of hours away and into in England. I’ve known about this place for a number of years, but its my first time going back to do a video.

As you can see there is are a number of classic cars, honestly in this video i captured a few of them but there must be another 3 or 4 land rovers that i didn’t even film. There is also a big old house with more outer farm buildings that I’ve done a video in, which i will upload at some point.

That old bug stole my heart, i love it! i will make contact with the owner over the coming weeks and see how he feels about letting it go, I’ve always wanted one to restore.


John Earnhardt says:

asl the owner if i can get them cars

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Steven Prevos says:

the mk4 tina needs saving too as it has the truckman top nice motor

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budsvtec says:

You need to save that beetle

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healey100austin says:

Good for spares in nought else!

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Blake Waddell says:

Sad to see a beetle there

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