Car review in a few | 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

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A big, plush, expensive crossover from Volkswagen…what could possibly go wrong?

In this week’s review, Mark looks at how the Tiguan can bring families together. Or not.

Go here for the full HJ review:

Comments says:

Hey everyone. Skip to 1:57 to jump straight into the review, though if you do you'll be missing out on a world class piece of social experimentation and PR industry satire. Well, we say 'world class'…

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pete draper says:

Good review, really liked the real world segment.

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Stuart Price says:

Nice entertaining, but informative review, couldn't imagine HJ himself doing a video in this style!

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Peter Doma says:

The review is definitely entertaining but I have no idea whether he recommends it or not….he states he has two kids and a Tiguan so he must think its worthy of a purchase. However he also seems unimpressed with the Tiguan and seems to have only settled because it was "just a bit better than the rest" I dunno……what to think? maybe I will just keep laughing about his daughters reaction, hilarious.

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Blake Swan says:

This was amazing with the kids hahaha. My little guy wants gangastan as well. I hate it

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Top Cat says:

Another wonderful cinematic experience.

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Andre Brokman says:

When describing a VW: creaking door trim, over the top attention to detail, electronic flakiness "oh, I don't feel like operating my blind spot monitor today, but I will operate my radar, tomorrow I'll just switch those around to make life interesting". And my paint scratches easily!

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Ikechi says:

"CD (LOL)". Like it

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Andrew K, Northern Ireland says:

Simply brilliant review :-))

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Jamie Pickles says:

Great Video Review of one the best SUV's on sale and It will appeal to Families

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crispybacon says:

WTF was the first 30 seconds about??? Whoever signed off that 'advert' at VW – which basically says if you're a family of cringeworthy idiots, buy this car – needs to be sacked!!

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Ilti Mehmedov says:

With this car beware of front light thieves 😀

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yvse vyse says:

"Im going home. I dont have time for this"

Hope the little girl is okay

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jh5kl says:

then why do you chose a COMPLETE BLACK interior?? lol
sir, just choose a nice color set next time, i have seen some great ones.
great video btw 😀

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Martin Schwoerer says:

comedy gold

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