Bus Vw Van Record Player Wagon

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Gilles van Eeden says:

This thing has the absolutely greatest real wow factor ever. Tirelessly playing in full gear right from the start, pitch rises one full third in the first song. Just imagine what it can do when you get near the end of the record. Awesome!

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Abe says:

what tha… 😮

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Aubry Merk says:

I love you Daddy

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Andreas Hoppe says:

lol … because turntables are too mainstream

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Anthony Nguyen says:

insane technology

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Stephen Jerome says:

I wonder who thought of this idea. 'I know, let's create a great little thing to absolutely destroy a vinyl record'. It's just a novelty item really, but as I am a great lover of vinyl records I would not put that thing ANYWHERE NEAR any of mine!

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Vince Vega says:

The little driver in the van is like "lets kill this fuckin vinyl, pedal to metal!"

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j Ernust says:

that's cool for like a day, but the sound quality seems abysmal.

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iamgrommie says:

how kewl is that! i love it, yeah sound is horrid but wow it's so cute!

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spookendeklopgeesten says:

Does it beep when it backs up?

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