Bugatti Super Sport Speed Test – Top Gear – BBC

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James attempts to break his personal speed record in a brand new, even more powerful version of the amazing Bugatti Veyron.

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TurboABA1955Bug says:

I can beat the skyline w my street car (bug). But I know the Rhd bug vert
is really nasty and I can’t even dream about catching that

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BLU FYRE says:

your lying

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Borsófőzelék Piskótakockával says:

Can ordinary people visit this track?

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TheAmazingTye says:

damn ill miss top gear :(

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Suraj Iyer says:

Just wondering about the consequences of attaching Bugatti engines in a Vista Cruiser .

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Tanner Goodman says:

I got my twin supercharged ls6 swap on my rx7 up to 119…….. then i quit lol

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Daniel estrella ordoñez says:

This is one of the fastest cars in the world.

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7:52 James May orgasm

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Adrian Chirila says:

name of the song pls :)

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Gijs Zwagerman says:

the fastest bugutti 555 km

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Arun Kumar says:

so hot!!!! bugggggggattttti

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Astetanium 82 says:

266 Miles per hour!!! thats almost same as the speed of sound witch 724.8 Miles per hour

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dtiydr says:

I can walk faster then this.

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Futurecop23 says:

I have to admit that this car can handle its sheer power properly. Unlike most over-tuned supercars which cannot run in a straight line without massive countersteering, this car glides totally smooth at high speed.

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Budderman529 says:

If the windows were open….

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Marco Antonio says:

bugatti veyron 420 km/h ooooooo.

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Ashly K says:

my dream car??

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Kien Nguyen says:

That's another world inside that beast!!!

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Dylan Cool says:

The Bugatti is my dream car but I'm never going to get one???? it goes 269 mph who does not want wan!!!!

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Bode Whitmo says:

the others needed to stop calling him captain slow after this, not so slow now was he

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‫حسن المرسومي‬‎ says:

يارب ترزقني وحده مثلها

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Ankur Agarwal says:

Nice car.. The fastest car ever built

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pablo h says:

what a car

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the chair is love, the chair is life says:

why do these guys keep talkin miles?
theyre british, right?

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AspectClip says:

What's up with the lack of music that was in the top gear show? They've taken out the freaking music here. Can someone upload or link this vid with the proper music in?

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jose aleman says:

nice car

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Nick Gariando says:

its unbeleivable that in so much speed, it is still stable and not wiggly

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Brütal Löve says:

I would love to be on that track in my 1984 Ford Fiesta (the Mark II)

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