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Decode the VIN of your BMW. What does your VIN tell you about your BMW?

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The last seven digits of your VIN number will tell you details about how your car was optioned from the factory. This model-specific information is also useful when ordering parts from your local BMW dealer.Checking the vin is also important when inspecting a classic BMW before making a purchase decision.

It is very common to find an E30 325i base model to be fitted with E30 325iS options, and it can be hard to tell the difference between the cars. From a collector and enthusiast perspective, the true 325iS will always be more desirable and more valuable. Check the VIN during pre-purchase inspection to be sure you get what you pay for. Pictured above is the driver door jam sticker on a 1987 E30 325iS.

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Ethan Uzamere says:

Did they change the link

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VivaceGenie 1 says:

when I go to the site it says error

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My E30 89 318/318is doesn't have the sticker anymore…Is there any other places on the car I could check for it, Thanks.

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idrisu1 says:

Its shows that the one im looking at buying is a 325i and it said the same when i tried yours. On the door sticker is says 325is. Any idea?

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