BFI Stage 2 Engine Mounts Installed in Supercharged 2.5 VW Rabbit

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A side by side comparison of just exactly what motor mounts will do for your car. As you can see the left frame, the engine is equipped with stock engine mounts which allows for an extreme amount of movement and energy loss. This equates to wasted horsepower and an uncomfortable, disconnected driving experience. The frame on the right, the engine is equipped with our Black Forest Industries Stage 2 Engine Mounts which holds the engine firmly in place allowing it do it’s job- making horsepower and putting a smile on your face. See more about our engine mounts here:


Jere Wall says:

Where the heck did they get a supercharger for a 2.5??

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pbahle says:

Is that the lifted rabbit? Watching on my tiny phone screen

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datdude843hood says:

The dogbone mount is great. After the installation of the mount no wheel hop at all.

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headwrapkiller says:

I've been running these mounts for over 20k miles. Great product.

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